Why You Should Not Follow Some Popular Quotes Blindly

Don’t just take the popular quotes blindly, know the limits and draw the lines.
Following some quotes blindly can invite catastrophic effects. For example, blindly believing and following “it’s better than nothing” can fix you in gruesome situations. Such a belief can make it hard to execute exit missions from a boring or toxic relationship. With that, you may end up crying every day, saying how men and women are trash, and how love is not for everyone.

In reality, your soul mate could be ordering a soul mate’s pillow just to have someone to hold at night. The same quote comes in handy when you want to establish new beginnings in your life. For example, after getting a job that is far off from your dreams, bills won’t allow you to Netflix or nap all day. Yes, take it and pay the bills. Or when you are starting small to build that empire, you envision every day.

Why are boundaries important when synthesizing quotes? Depending with the type of message relayed the benefits of setting boundaries vary. Some of the benefits include:

a. Saves you time
Boundaries separate what’s important and what’s not, either by the person, for the circumstance, or at the specific time. Don’t try to play hero in everything because you may end up being a villain where you’re supposed to be winning.

b. Helps fight procrastination
Quote: You have all the time in the world.
We often say we have all the time to shop, to watch, to call someone back while in reality we don’t. It may tempt one to postpone rather important activities and eventually run out of energy or resources. This is merely a blanket we grasp to execute our procrastination missions and not feel bad about it. Knowing what you can and should create space for saves a lot of time. It helps in scheduling according to value. On one hand, it’s a call-to-action to execute the plans you feel have an impact in your life

c. Prevents frustrations
Another popularly misinterpreted quote is, “wait for someone who will love you as you are.” On one side, you should wait for that one person who appreciates your magic and allows you to use it. You should wait for someone who allows you to shine your light and to become who you intend to be. On the other hand, a nasty attitude, laziness, and lack of vision, and waiting for someone who will love you as you are won’t happen. Knowing that early enough helps to detox accordingly and mold self into an appealing package.

d. Helps reach the desired versions of self and avoid trouble
Quote: Curiosity killed the cat

Setting goals, being focused, believing in self, being consistent, and nurturing a curious mind can help actualize dreams quickly. True, extreme curiosity becomes nosiness, which can lead to irreversible situations, but it’s also true that curiosity mothers innovation.

To invent new things and/or methods, one should think and act differently. One should also satisfy the itchiness of wanting to know more. Nonetheless, drawing the lines helps to stay out of trouble.

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