My Class On Blogging And The Internet For Teens. Day 9/30

Am about to address a class full of adolescents about blogging and the internet. I feel like Anerlise Keating without her signature wigs.

Welcome to blogging 101 kids.

Class is in session.

First and foremost. I know you lied about your age when you first signed up to these sites. I also know you scrolled down past the ‘terms and conditions.’ I see you. There’s no use in denying it.

Now that that’s out in the open, lets dive in shall we

1. Go through any social media site settings. Use it to your advantage.

2. When it comes to blogging don’t wait until “you’re ready.” Start. Start today. Start right now!

3. Share your work. It doesn’t have to be ‘perfect.’ It’s your work and you’re proud of it, share it.

4. Not every challenge is serious. Some are fun. Some bring awareness to certain situations. While some could end up killing you. Pick your challenges wisely. It’s okay to watch on the sides.

5. The internet is a shit hole filled with crappy people. Once in a while you’ll come across them. My number one rule is, ignore them. If you can’t, block them. The block button is your best friend.

6. If at any point people start bullying you, deactivate your account. Put your phone down, take a hot shower, read a book. It’s a jungle out there.

7. Not every discussion or trending topic asks for your opinion. You could avoid a lot of arguments when you let these trending topics slide.

8. Always remember this. People will do anything for clout. I get it, you’re broke. That doesn’t mean you should send nudes and do illegal things for money.

9. Everything is Photoshop and filters these days don’t fall for it. Instagram is guilty of this. That girl with a thin waist and large hips is not real, just Photoshop.

10. Always be on the lookout for grown men and women. They’re not to be trusted. They’ll tell you they love you and want to meet you. Never give them your home address or meet up with them.

11. Be open with your parents. If you’re being stalked by anyone, or an adult is asking you for favours. Tell your parents or your guardian. They’ll know what to do.

12. Don’t take those Facebook quizzes and games. Hackers can use them to get your info and all your accounts. Stay woke.

13. People who want to hide their identity make cat fish accounts. Since you lied about your age that means, the chicken nugget asking you to meet up for free food is basically R. Kelly about to happen.

14. Log out every now and then. It’s okay to go a few days without being online. It won’t kill you. Its good for you.

15. Fake news is real. You’ll find yourself reading some unbelievable stories. Turn to the website’s about page. There, you’ll find they’ve clearly stated they’re a satirical site.

16. Be yourself, be authentic, have fun.

Class dismissed.

Wait, did I miss anything?

Technology: A Curse or A Blessing? Day 8/30

Can you read a topographical map?

Imagine this. I dropped you in the middle of nowhere. Gave you a bottle of water and a topographical map. Would you make it back home in one piece?

If you can’t read a map please tell me again how it’s such a blessing. No, Google maps don’t count. You know, tech is great, until you tell people to do random things like, I don’t know, read a map.

A Topographical Map • Source, Bear Foot Theory

That’s the beauty of tech. It’s almost like, the more advance it gets, the more stupid WE get. In other words, you can’t have the rose without the thorns.

Granted, tech has made it easier for us to do things at half the time. For example, I recently bought an electric powered brush. This brush scrubs my bathroom and kitchen tiles in less than 5 minutes. Now, if I were to do it like the way my mama taught me. I’d have to pay someone else to do it. I’m not lazy, am realistic.

I bet if our ancestors lived in this era, they too would thank tech for an easier life.

Advance in medicine is also a great tech benefit we’ve had. Am no science geek, but the things we can do to our DNA these days is truly amazing.

Something else we can thank tech for is space exploration. I understand scientists in the US are looking to occupy Mars. This would’ve made a nice Sci-Fi movie back in the 60s.

I can go on about the many benefits that came with tech. Let’s look at the sacrifices we made.

Our smartphones have become our lives. Even though it connects to people the world over, it disconnected us from the people that matter. People who are close to us; our parents, siblings and even our own children. Social media makes us compare ourselves to each other and in turn, it fueled depression.

Human beings actually made Electronic waste a thing. Ever wondered where your old and worn out gadgets go to once you throw them out. If you’re in Australia your old I-phone is rotting away in a street somewhere in Ghana. There’s a whole 2hr documentary about it.

The lives of people lost in the Congo so that big tech company could extract their minerals. The same minerals and metals use to make smartphones and gaming tech. Yes, your favourite smartphone company maybe guilty of this.

I think, no matter how you look at it, tech will always have that negative side to it. So is it a blessing or a curse is a matter of perspective.

p.s I can totally read the living life out of a map. I learnt how to read one back in High school since Geography was my favourite subject. Now drop me in the Sahara and watch me make it back to Kenya.

I’ll need more than a bottle of water. 😊

5 Apps On My Phone I Can’t Live Without Day. 7/30

What’s a blogger without apps?

A blogger without apps is like Jesus without his disciples, a tree without branches or plain white rice.

As a blogger my apps come in plenty. I have photography, social and writing apps, just to mention a few. These apps make it easier for me to connect with my followers, rant about life and keep up with the web.

So here are the 5 apps I can’t live without. Am sure you already have a couple of these on your phone too.

Honestly, It was hard deciding on the five otherwise I have a whole list

Some of my apps


When I first started blogging, like most people, I went for blogger. It was perfect for me but as I grew, my needs grew too. WordPress became my go to app for writing down my thoughts. It’s easy to use and navigate. I highly recommend it. WordPress for life!


Want really cool pictures that pop? Canva will do that for you. This app is for people like me with zero graphic design skills. It has royalty free pictures to choose from and templates for all social media platforms. Canva is that easy-to-use design app that doesn’t require genius skills to operate.


This app enables me to plan out my content. It integrates all social media platforms helping me save time. It acts as a virtual assistant. For example, it posts your content on your behalf as long as you have it on schedule. In the words of Tom Cruise, it completes me.


This app is great for anyone looking into starting their own podcast. Even if you only want to listen to some thoughtful podcast, this is it. I don’t typically have a favourite podcast, in my case, anything goes.


This app isn’t only for beautiful pictures and videos. It’s an app I use for inspiration. Hundreds of thousands of bloggers pin their work every day. So, whenever I experience a writer’s block, Pinterest comes in handy. This app can also drive massive traffic to a website, try it. Be careful though, it can get pretty addictive.


Other apps I use on the side include Lightroom and Preview for that popping Instagram feed. Twitter for checking out the news in less than 140 characters, and Facebook for friends and family

What mobile apps rock your world?

Why I Started Blogging. Day 6/30

The age-old question, why did I start blogging?

Let me get right into it.

I started blogging in 2012. It began as a hobby. I used blogger like most newbies. My blog became a place I could express myself, anonymously. Truth is I wanted to be mysterious. This gave me the freedom to rant on whatever I could get my hands on. It was exciting and unbelievably refreshing.

Over the years I created more blogs for the many interests I had. I’m a woman; I change my mind ever so often. I had several blogs on music, art, culture and life. I guess you could say I wanted to tell stories. Stories I could share without judgment.

My love for writing may have started much later in life but it stuck with me. I love every minute of it.

We all have something to say so why not say it with a blog.

The Kind of Business I’d Get Into If I Had The Money. Day 5/30

My business idea falls into the food category. It’s not a food delivery app neither is it a restaurant of some sort. Rather, a meat mart. Hold on, let me finish. I know we’re in the age of tech but going a little old school doesn’t hurt.

You see, before doing my journalism major and loving everything media, I was a poultry farmer. Rearing chicken and selling them at a profit was something I enjoyed very much. Let me tell you a bit about the profits, they were awesome. I made zero losses during that period. Unrelated, if you want tips and tricks, am charging something small.

Kenyan Chicken Curry • Source Hamilton Beach

Poultry farming is a lot easier than what most people think. Free range chicken or what I’d like to call kienyeji, is a Kenyan favorite. So you know, even if I were to start this business again today, I’ll still make profits. The good thing about kienyeji chicken is, they don’t require much. They’re also not as needy as the broiler ones. Feed them right, have water and an area to soak up the sun. That’s it. Give them few months to mature and you have a profitable business right there.

Kenyan Style Fish Stew • Source Kemmy Recipes

My meat mart will also include fish because, why not? Fish is amazing and not as main stream as red meat. In Nairobi alone, there’s roasted meat on every street going for cheap. I prefer fish over beef and chicken, and not just for the omegas. Fish itself is easier to digest than beef.

I’d also look into getting my fish and chicken straight from the source. It’s for this reason am getting my own fish and chicken farms. Running my own farm ensures am in control of every step of production. From the farm to the table. I would cancel all the middle men that often result in higher prices. My future customers would enjoy fresh fish and chicken at affordable prices.

I’d name my meat mart, kuku samaki, Swahili for chicken fish. It’s simple, cute and easy to remember.

By the way, it took me a whole five minutes to come up with that name. Don’t steal it.

Dry Natural Hair? These 7 Co Wash Cleansing Conditioners Will Fix It

I have type 4c hair. It’s at shoulder length. So far, love my natural hair journey. I’ve been natural on and off for nine years now. Several times I gave up and shaved it off, but since last year, I’ve come to really love and enjoy my hair. I think that’s the first step in anybody’s natural hair journey, really. Love your hair.

Dry natural hair was one of the reasons I gave up. It would constantly break off especially during wash day. It seemed like I wasn’t even experiencing any growth. So if you have super dry natural hair like me, allow me to introduce a co – wash to your routine. It worked for me and I’m sure it would work for you too.

A co – wash acts as a cleaning conditioner right between your Sulphate – free shampoo and your conditioner. While the shampoo strips the hair of its natural oils and removes some product build up. A co – wash is lightweight and gentle to your hair, it hydrates, cleans and conditions. There by helping your leave in conditioner work even better

This product is great for anyone with extremely dry hair, chemically processed, colored or relaxed hair. Even if you’re transitioning, a co -wash is the go to product for that much needed moisture.

For this post, I made a list of co – wash cleansing conditioners that are easily available. They come in a range of prices so there’s something for everyone, even on a tight budget.

Mosara Rich Conditioner

Product promise: This nourishing conditioner instantly replenishes dry, brittle and dull hair. It delivers nutrients deep into the hair cortex, giving your hair lasting softness and elasticity. Can be used as a pre poo treatment, an after shampoo conditioner or as a co-wash. It contains a mix of coconut oil, castor oil, avocado oil, Shea butter and essential oils.

Size: 250ml

Price: 300sh

Crème of Nature Pure-licious Co-wash Cleansing conditioner

Product promise: Made from a special blend of Argan oil and butter for exotic shine. This cleanser is lightweight and also used on colored hair. The formula gently cleanses and removes product residue while hydrating your tresses to deliver unstoppable frizz free curls, waves, kinks and coils.

Size: 354ml

Price: 850sh

Marini Naturals ‘Creamy and Dreamy’ Co – Wash

Marini Naturals • Instagram

Product promise: A moisture rich conditioner wash that leaves your hair clean detangled and super soft. It infuses moisture in the hair as it gently clarifies the scalp and hair off residue dirt and grease. This co – wash contains Aloe Vera juice and sunflower oil.

Size: 400ml

Price: 1,200sh

Cantu Complete Conditioning Co – wash

Product promise: A creamy cleanser that gently removes heavy product build up. Formulated without harsh ingredients and a unique blend of over 15 natural butters and oils, your hair leaves clean and moisturised.

Size: 283gm

Price: 1,349sh

Alikay Naturals Co – wash Me Cleansing Conditioner

Product promise: Sulphate free formula that’s gentle enough for daily cleansing. With Jojoba and peppermint oil blend leaves hair soft, moisturised and scalp feeling fresh and clean. Has a fresh peach scent with hints of berry.

Size: 236ml

Price: 1,650sh

Mielle Organics Detangling Co – wash

Product promise: It removes impurities without stripping hair of natural oils. Lightweight moisturiser made with detangling properties soften and control frizz making easier to detangle while co washing. Over time you’ll experience stronger hair with les shedding, breaking and knots.

Size: 240ml

Price: 1,950sh

Eden Bodyworks Coconut Shea Cleansing Co-Wash

Product promise: Sulphate – free, no suds gentle cleansing conditioner cream for removing residue and build up in between regular washes to promote a healthy hair environment for growth.

Size: 473ml

Price: 2050sh

You can check out several online stores and compare prices. If you’re lucky, the products you want might be on sale.

Online shops that came highly recommended include Kasha Kenya, Sky. Garden, Cocoa Cure, Save Beauty, Jumia Kenya and Masoko.

What co wash cleansing conditioner do you use?

My Dream Life So Simple. Day 2/30

My dream life is simple, nothing fancy. Its basically how I vision myself living in my 70s or 80s.I’ve reached that age where relatives look at me weird. They whisper among themselves. I know, because, they’ll often ask me about my boyfriend and wonder why am not pregnant yet. Then discuss among them on what could be the problem.

Maybe it’s because there is no boyfriend. I thought by making up an imaginary man, they’ll leave me alone. It didn’t work. In fact, it made things worse. It’s been a few years into the ‘relationship’ maybe it time for a break up. Am sorry Patrick, it’s not me, it’s you.

I get questioned during family cook outs. No. I get interrogated. Good cop bad cop Hollywood style. Its for this reason I made a vision board. A vision board that was more about my future and the kind of life I wanted for myself. I have flags of countries I plan on visiting. Mountains I plan to climb and food am dying to try. Yes aunties, I want to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro before I start popping off kids. You’ll just have to wait.

Armed with my digital vision board, my dream life looks something like this…

Land and goats

Unlike the rest of the world, I dream of a quiet life free from everyone but family. That is, after am done exploring this planet. A house on a few hundred acres if that’s not too much to ask. I also wouldn’t mind a ranch if possible. The number of goats I wish to have on my land will depend on one thing. If there’s enough room for grazing am getting more goats. Am sure you’re asking, why goats? Why not cows or sheep? Well, let me tell you something about goats and Kikuyu women, we’re like this.

End of story.

My Health

The other day, I spoke to the big guy in the sky. I rarely do, but on this day I did. I only asked for one thing since we don’t talk that much. You can blame it on the internet. The internet ruined our partnership. Anyway, we both agreed after few minutes of awkwardness, that I shall live to 100yrs, not 99, not 101, but 100yrs. I plan to maintain clean and healthy habits, free from stress and any bad energy. Basically, a life without men (if possible) and If all goes well, I’ll be that stylish 90yr old grandma who can’t catch a cold. Believe that.

64yr old Wendy Ida. She started working out at 43.


I’ve lived in Nairobi my whole life. My best memories of it, is leaving it. Don’t get me wrong, Nairobi is amazing, if you know your way around it. I love being able to access everything but, that’s just not enough.Every December we would visit my grandma as kids. It’s kind of a Kenyan thing to take your kids to the village during the holidays. Even though we only stayed a few weeks, those were the best days of my life. I loved being around trees and nature, taking out the cows and goats to graze and zero distractions from technology. In my defense, this was the 90s. You were lucky if your grandma had a radio.

Mau Forest in Kenya by CIFOR

To this day, I hope where I finally settle down there’ll be plenty of trees. If not, I will plant some, for my grandchildren.

What’s your dream life like? Tell me about it in the comments.

Don’t forget to share.

3 Kenyan Skin Care Products To Help Clear Acne Scars

Have you seen those before and after make-up pics on Instagram? It’s hard not to miss them. Why? Usually the model has discoloration of some sort. Hyperpigmentation and dark spots are also quite normal.

Truth is, most of us are so self-conscious about our looks and make up is our best defense. I’m sure a ton of make-up is used to blend out and even skin tone. That’s not something we want to do every day.

Drop your concealer, lay off the filters. Here are some of Kenya’s own skin care products to help clear acne scars. They’re super affordable too and won’t have you breaking the bank. Say good bye to hyperpigmentation!

Bu.Ke activated charcoal soap bar

Bu.Ke activated charcoal soap
Bu.Ke activated charcoal soap

Activated charcoal is so popular right now. This humble ingredient is being used in almost every skin care product you can think of and Bu.Ke wasn’t left behind.

The activated charcoal soap bar is great at fading stubborn acne scars and clogged pores. Bu.Ke’s activated charcoal soap is about 450sh for 100gm. The all natural activated charcoal soap is gentle. It works by pulling out toxins, dirt and bacteria from the skin leaving it fresh.

Sheth Naturals Rosehip Oil

Sheth Natural Rose hip oil

I bet you never thought of Rose hip oil. If you’re into clean beauty and organic products then am sure you have a few bottles of carrier and essential oils.

Sheth Naturals rosehip oil from their Mizizi range is about 1500sh for 125ml. Rose hip oil is loaded with skin nourishing vitamins, anti-oxidants and essential fatty acids that are known to correct dark spots and moisturize skin. Its best for all skin types and skin that’s hard to recover from scars.

A bonus, rosehip oil is anti-aging.

Femme Organics Green tea and Salicylic Acid Shea acne Cream

Femme organics acne cream

I accidentally bumped into this little known skin care product. The salicylic acid present in Femme organics is a great option for acne prone skin. It fades dark spot and scars while improving the complexion.

Green tea on the other hand is packed with anti-oxidants to help hydrate your skin. Helps reduce blemishes and oil production. Femme organics green tea and Salicylic acid is about 450sh for 60gm. The cream has Shea butter as its main ingredient. It’s light and won’t clog you pores. It’s also good with sensitive skin.

Know more Kenyan made products that clear acne scars; mention them in the comment section.