A Letter To My Future Self 11/30

Not sure who still writes letters in today’s digital age. If you do, keep it up.

I thought of writing a letter to future me hoping it would reach her.

To my future self,

Hope you’re doing fine because I am too. I wrote you this letter to remind you of all the plans we made together. The promises we intend to keep.
By the way, is it sunny or rainy? You know how the Nairobi weather can get.

Did you finally make the eight kids we had planned? I hope so. I hope you didn’t change your mind. If you haven’t yet, get to work. Please.

Look, you will live in Nairobi for most of your life. You’ll work here, find love here, you’ll travel to new countries once in a while but, you’ll always be here. Nairobi is home. This is why you’ll work hard to become her governor. This county, this city needs a little tough love. The kind only you could give. Don’t give up on her.

Mum and dad may not always say it but they love you. Yes, they’re old school, like, really old school but the love is still there. Look after them.

Our little niece is amazing. I see how she loves music and dancing. If she says she wants to be a ballerina, let her be. Don’t force her to be anything else. At the time of this letter, she said she wanted to be a shopkeeper because they make loads of money. Quit laughing. She’ll change her mind as she grows up; support her in every step of the way.

Before I go, don’t forget to give yourself credit. You work hard and never have time to appreciate your work or yourself. Take time to work on you. Relax a little. Go swimming over the weekends with the kids.(kids I hope we already have)

Lastly I hope you don’t give any of our kids’ English names. Keep it African, like we agreed.


You know who this is.

Maybe I should save this in an email… Just in case.