Zaron Cosmetics Wants YOU To Model For Them

Do you have what it takes to model for Africa’s fast rising cosmetic company? Well then, here’s your chance.

Zaron Make Up and Cosmetics | Instagram

About Zaron

Zaron Cosmetics has become a leading make up brand for African women. With quality beauty products specially formulated for black skin of
all shades.

Barely five years into the industry, Zaron managed to create a product perfect for the tropical African climate. Say goodbye to runny make up!

Zaron prides itself as one of the few oil free make up brands. The products also have SPF as a bonus, because we deserve it. From eyeshadow to lippies to eyeliners, concealers and lip liners. Zaron has it all.

Zaron Cosmetics is fast growing across Africa, from Nigeria to kenya. Now you know why.

For a chance to become a Zaronista and feature alongside other celebrities on billboards, here’s what you need to do

zaron-cosmeticsZaron Cosmetics | Instagram

– Make sure you have a bomb selfie or a portrait photograph of yourself.

– Make sure it’s clear

– Be confident

– Bring your A game

Who can participate?

– Beautiful, confident, aspiring Kenyan women.

– Must be 18-30yrs old

– Must follow Zaron on ALL social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

– Resident in Kenya

How to participate…

zaron-cosmeticsZaron Cosmetics | Instagram


– Follow Zaron Cosmetics on all social media platforms.

– Post a photo of yourself on Instagram with the hashtag #ZaronKenyaModel2019

– Get as many people as possible to like and comment under your photo post.


– 10 participants with the highest likes will be shortlisted and featured under Zaron’s social media platforms.

– 2 winners will be chosen randomly from the 10 finalists ( CEO’s choice is final)


– The 2 winners will take part in Zaron Kenya AD campaign next to the  celebrity face of Zaron

– The winners will receive cash prizes and Zaron products

Entries close at noon on Saturday, 3rd August 2019


Avoid filters. Keep your photograph as clean as possible.

Keep your make up at a minimal. A little goes a long way.

Use natural light to your advantage.

Follow all the rules and have fun. All the best!

Are You My Kind Of Friend?

I have quite a number of friends. There are those I genuinely like to be around and those, just like everyone else, I’d be better without.

I don’t like cutting people off, but in most cases, I find myself with people who I can’t tell how we became friends. Maybe my expectations are quite high but, let’s be frank, what’s the purpose of sticking around people who simply don’t care?

To avoid cutting people off, I decided to have my very own ‘To be my friend you have to’ kind of list. Check it out and you can most definitely use it.

Someone who likes the things I like

Oh yes! Can you imagine having a friend who doesn’t like the things you like? I mean, are we even friends? I like Ellen de Generes you must adore her to be my friend. Are we together?

I was hanging out with someone a couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t believe it when he said he finds TV series a waste of time. Holy Christ, I live for TV Shows! There and then I knew that that was the last time we were ever hanging out. Ha-ha! I know am childish.

Someone Caring

“Buddy! You’ve been awfully quiet lately, what’s up”, “Jad, I heard you’re looking for a job, I’ll talk to my boss to see if there is room for you.” Having such a friend is a dream come true. A friend who is ready and willing to make you there equal, financially and regularly checks up on you, I believe that that is a caring friend. Care is always both ways, if I care, I expect you to show me some love.

A go getter, someone ambitious

Hell yeah, I don’t like laggards. To be my friend, my close friend you have to be a go getter, to be ambitious, serious and most importantly know what you want.

Who wants to be close to someone who’s just there? Day after day…I know what you might be thinking “Oh Jad, chill…don’t be such a bore” I believe in life, there are two kinds of people, those who get what they want and those who simply don’t. I want to dominate with friends who get what they want.

Fun and outgoing

Oh God I love to have fun. Whenever I get the opportunity to do something crazily awesome, I have to take it and you, my good friend; you’ll have to tag along. You can’t be just there. Lol! I know you know people who are just there; a friend of mine uses the word zombie. For me it doesn’t necessarily mean being out going, but hey, just be fun.

Someone Religious

Let me be honest with you here, I am a Christian. How can I be an ally to someone who doesn’t believe in God? No way! You don’t have to be a Christian but you have (mark the word have) to be religious.

At least with that I know you got morals, there lines you simply cannot cross because religion, for me, brings morals.

Obviously that’s not it, there are so many other stuff that I check out for like honesty, loyalty, being trustworthy and even not being judgemental.

Be sure to use, my kind of friend list, if you doubt some of your friendships.

Why Yoga Is Beneficial To Women.

When was the last time you had a really good stretch? Ever wondered why it presents difficulty in making a slight 45 degrees stride in hoping a trench, racing up a short 100m run or hiking a mountain you’ve always wanted to explore?

In as much of a fact that women age faster than men, healthy living (physical fitness-exercise, healthy eating routines and meditation –mental clarity and stability) poses as catalysts in slowing down the aging process.


Women are considered to be one of the most delicate creatures. They tend to be strong as well coupled up with healthy living.

A number of factors that contributes to fast aging in women would be genetics. It roughly takes 40% in loss of skin elasticity, after giving birth effects due to constant pulling and stretching of muscles, long term sun exposure and an encroaching menopause stage.

Exercise is one of the best ingredients in easing off the aging process, allow me to tackle the health fitness bit in form of ‘yoga’.

I am positive most of you have heard the term ‘yoga’ or at least heard someone mention it, but what exactly is yoga?

Good Juju Tribe

A brief history into understanding yoga is that, it originated from ancient India, a form of physical, mental and spiritual practice. It’s one of the most popular practices across the world where yogis swear by it to be of numerous benefits.

Research has it that yoga practices is beneficial to women especially during pregnancy. Doing yoga eases the birth process, easing menopausal symptoms, reduces labor pains and physical discomforts due to regular stretch of tissues and muscles, enhance posture and improves the overall quality of life.

Bearing in mind yoga practices is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual dose; obviously it nourishes the whole body, mind and soul, a perfect package and combo of a healthy body care routine.

Despite yoga practices exuding several benefits, yoga exercises vary depending on one’s body needs. Be it muscle toning, flexibility, mental clarity, overall blood circulation, beach body fitness, great body posture and appearance, and maintaining a balanced metabolism.

Still looking for reasons to try yoga? How about you unroll your mat and experience the never ending benefits of yoga.

For yoga inspiration check out #blackyogis on Instagram and You Tube.

Twists To This Question Have No Answer

Wondering if there’s anything geniuses don’t know?

Read on.

Undoubtedly, curiosity mothers development, whether personal or professional. The emergence of wanting-to-know is what leads people to step out of their comfort zone and go the extra mile to quench the thirst. We attribute crossing dangerous waters, reaching the loftiest heights and mind-blowing discoveries to curiosity, following the inner voice patiently and wholeheartedly.

However, smart work, patience, persistence, and constant refining of the principles and the working strategies, do not guarantee no attainment of the goals and at the anticipated time.

What happens after meticulously uniting beads to the thread is entirely out of our control.

Success rises from internal and external factors- some of which we can control, and others can’t. That is, reading about running a business is one piece of thread in a fringe, since you also need to act on it. And, not just reading from books, but also from the surroundings. After reacting and acting in the best manner possible, we have to wait.

Not to be a naysayer but, there comes a time when you hit a bump when following the trail of quenching drops- and some have a story of how they have hopped from one tragedy to another. Whether you totally didn’t see it coming (which most of the times we don’t), or you underestimated the impact. The minor setback should not make me recoil or decide to never try.
It’s too early to sign up for regret. And the deeper the love for comfort in the comfort zone, the wider the gap, and the fiercer the enmity between you and success.

A decline in sales, assistants quitting without prior notice, irreconcilable differences affecting the performance, being dumped shortly after losing your job, meeting a dark corner right after using all your energy passing through another, or getting a pebble in the foot with your hands tied to the back, are common encounters that manifest in different ways. But, you can reset the compass. The way out of the hell is through.

The future of the business or hustle, or how you choose to call it depends on how you respond to the moments of crisis.

As humans (I don’t know about other animals), the first thing we do after hitting a bump is ask, why me. Sadly, no one knows the answer to this question, which reminds us of the powerlessness of man. Fortunately, we can’t queue to punish the cause of the mishaps. From prophets to scientists, why some things happen to some people remains a mystery.

Assuming two women are healthy and have not participated in self-harming habits, nobody knows why one woman would conceive effortlessly while the other struggles for decades.

Assuming two graduates have the same set of skills, nobody knows why one secures a job in multinational companies quickly while the other struggles for years only to get acceptance for peanut of a salary.

Even though some attribute to generational curses or past mistakes hence karma, the person at the advising end picks the most convincing explanation.

While there is no harm in thinking about the setbacks, how long one dwells on it has a direct impact on the future. Challenges are part of life for they unleash the shine, the glow, the fierce, and the unstoppable, from the marrow to the world. Challenges do not define us. We are defined by how we respond, what we respond to, when and why.

In the past, I have found that, the more time I spent agonizing over the heaps of mountains over my head, for things I couldn’t understand or link to my past mistakes, the more unworthy I felt. We may not have similar reactions, but a lot of why me, paves the way for self-pity, feeling worthless, powerless, or not being in the league of successful people.

There is pain behind the question and too much personalization of the tragedy- thinking that you are the only one going through tough times and should maybe quit doing what you are doing. There is no shame in feeling vulnerable, but thinking you are meant to be vulnerable to attacks, day in and day out, well, that’s a shame!

What should you do after the chain of mishaps?

Extensive auditing of self and the situation. This helps understand the nature of the situation. What you should do, why, when, how, with whom, and how often. For what you can rectify, rectify!

For what you can’t attribute to your missed steps after extensive assessment,

• Accept that you won’t find a solid answer, and think about the next tactic.

• Accept man’s powerlessness despite being the most intelligent creature, this is a fact we often forget, and think about the next tactic. No one has an answer to it.

• Change the mindset. If your inner child is directing you to the particular hustle; be ready to pay the price. The mindset is the pillar of our dedication. Nobody said it would be easy, but nobody said it is meant to be unachievable either.

• Identify the most promising tactic, and use it maximally.

Don’t spend your last drop of blood destroying the foundation of what you have already started