Entrepreneurship vs Employment: Which One Suits You Best?

Some people have adopted a toxic habit of demonizing what they have not possessed.

After frustrations, they’ve allowed negative energy to settle in their bones and brain and come out as insults and ridicule. Some have taken to nicknaming many, if not all, successful people as corrupt and drug smugglers or female leaders as prostitutes. Sadly, some don’t seem to tire and have extended the habit to the dilemma between seeking jobs and starting small businesses.

In Kenya, there are thousands of unemployed youths and graduating from reputable universities and with good GPAs have not put them at the frontline of getting the jobs they desire, or even at entry level to work their way up.

The dilemma of starting a small-scale business and seeking a job is not new.

There is no concrete answer as it depends with what you want. Each has pros and cons hence should not demonize what does not favour you.

Success depends on environmental and personal factors. For example, in sectors where positivity and collaboration are necessities, fulltime pessimists are rarely retained. Disappointedly, some campaign against formal employment never mention they were the problem. Let’s face it, not all jobs are about bosses raining insults, setting impossible demands, working in poorly-ventilated offices, or living in the office and visiting home for a few hours.

It takes a hefty amount to run a successful business, but the challenges are not conclusive that the business cannot thrive.

Advantages of self-employment

• You are your own boss
• Paves the way for growth by getting out of the comfort zone.
• Freedom to do what you want or love, in your means and time.
• Nurturing leadership skills
• Flexibility of the income
• Personal relationship with the customers
• Opportunity to test different projects
• Sharpening decision-making skills
• Learning to be a self-starter because the income depends with the efforts put
• Availability of personal time
• No limitations to what you can do
• You choose your customers
• You become visible unlike in some organizations where your efforts can go unappreciated or unnoticed

Disadvantages of self-employment

• Minimal understanding of the challenges
• Inability to forecast due to financial constraints to upgrade or high experts
• Multitasking
• Unsteady pay
• Risk of personal relationships paving the way for accumulation of loans.
• Lack of external input. An extra opinion is always important and doing everything on your own can make the business dull but getting another person’s opinion even if you won’t use it reminds you to look outside the box.
• One can develop time insensitivity. Time is money and because some open and close whenever they want, it might be a challenge living in an area where things are done within a specific timeframe.
• Lack of social life- it’s always important to have someone, not necessarily a circle of friends, but a few people so you can see, learn and appreciate their points of view and improve interactivity skills.
• Sometimes shifting to formal employment is a challenge- one, maybe because the entrepreneur has adopted the habit of dragging self and working on inventories whenever he or she deems best. Sometimes a substantial amount of pressure is important to send one off the comfort zone and explore saves time and helps identify opportunities/ upcoming tragedies at an early stage
• The business may not offer the best learning experience- let’s admit that there is more to growth than money. We also need intellectual growth that is present in the corporate sector.
• Risk of developing polarized perceptions. That is, thinking that what you do or say is right and anything else is wrong. Developing and nurturing a polarized mindset makes it hard to interact and have deep conversations with others.

Advantages of salaried employment

• Learning how to interact with colleagues and those in high management skills
• Guarantee of monthly payment
• Exposure to challenges and growth opportunities
• Great flexibility
• Holiday and leave payments
• A fixed schedule
• Job advancement

Disadvantages of salaried employment

• Monotony
• Lack of personal time
• Can become invisible in large organizations
• May never step of the comfort zone
• Difficulties hunting for a job if fired

Weigh the options and choose what favours you the most

My Class On Blogging And The Internet For Teens. Day 9/30

Am about to address a class full of adolescents about blogging and the internet. I feel like Anerlise Keating without her signature wigs.

Welcome to blogging 101 kids.

Class is in session.

First and foremost. I know you lied about your age when you first signed up to these sites. I also know you scrolled down past the ‘terms and conditions.’ I see you. There’s no use in denying it.

Now that that’s out in the open, lets dive in shall we

1. Go through any social media site settings. Use it to your advantage.

2. When it comes to blogging don’t wait until “you’re ready.” Start. Start today. Start right now!

3. Share your work. It doesn’t have to be ‘perfect.’ It’s your work and you’re proud of it, share it.

4. Not every challenge is serious. Some are fun. Some bring awareness to certain situations. While some could end up killing you. Pick your challenges wisely. It’s okay to watch on the sides.

5. The internet is a shit hole filled with crappy people. Once in a while you’ll come across them. My number one rule is, ignore them. If you can’t, block them. The block button is your best friend.

6. If at any point people start bullying you, deactivate your account. Put your phone down, take a hot shower, read a book. It’s a jungle out there.

7. Not every discussion or trending topic asks for your opinion. You could avoid a lot of arguments when you let these trending topics slide.

8. Always remember this. People will do anything for clout. I get it, you’re broke. That doesn’t mean you should send nudes and do illegal things for money.

9. Everything is Photoshop and filters these days don’t fall for it. Instagram is guilty of this. That girl with a thin waist and large hips is not real, just Photoshop.

10. Always be on the lookout for grown men and women. They’re not to be trusted. They’ll tell you they love you and want to meet you. Never give them your home address or meet up with them.

11. Be open with your parents. If you’re being stalked by anyone, or an adult is asking you for favours. Tell your parents or your guardian. They’ll know what to do.

12. Don’t take those Facebook quizzes and games. Hackers can use them to get your info and all your accounts. Stay woke.

13. People who want to hide their identity make cat fish accounts. Since you lied about your age that means, the chicken nugget asking you to meet up for free food is basically R. Kelly about to happen.

14. Log out every now and then. It’s okay to go a few days without being online. It won’t kill you. Its good for you.

15. Fake news is real. You’ll find yourself reading some unbelievable stories. Turn to the website’s about page. There, you’ll find they’ve clearly stated they’re a satirical site.

16. Be yourself, be authentic, have fun.

Class dismissed.

Wait, did I miss anything?

3 Things I Wish I Could Do Well

There’s one rule in life. Nobody’s perfect. Not even her majesty Angela Basset or our good lord Beyoncé. Nobody. Unless, you’re Japanese then yes, you have to be top notch by any means. You don’t know excellence until you’ve met Japanese people. They take their time and whatever they make is out of this world amazing. There’s no room for mistakes or second chances. Their attention to detail is quite impressive. So yeah, besides them, nobody’s perfect.

I know am not perfect but there are few things I wish I could do well.

First, my art work. Growing up I’ve always loved art. So it was only natural that I began drawing and making sketches, whenever I could. When I came across pictures in books and magazine I would try and draw something similar. This way, my skills developed and my love for art grew tremendously. Sometimes, during one of those never ending classes, I would sketch something in the back of my books to pass time. I can’t say am a master in art but my work is pretty decent. I’m currently learning how to use Adobe illustrator. It’s actually harder than it looks but I’m getting there. Maybe in a few years, my art would make it in an art gallery and sell for a million dollars. Lupita Nyong’o said my dreams are valid and I believe her.

Secondly, dance. Am ashamed to admit, am an African who can’t dance. I may have African blood running through my veins but that’s it. I’m like Swahili pilau without the spices. I know I should revoke my African card because I lack rhythm. This sister cannot shaku. This sister cannot odi. This sister cannot makossa. This sister cannot dance to save her life. If armed robbers broke into my house and demanded I dance or die. I would turn this robbery into a homicide.

I bet every time I hit the dance floor my ancestors deny me and hide in shame.

Lastly, it’s about my dating life. Simply put, it stinks. It stinks so badly. Whenever I look at my dating life it’s almost like am into to the same type of guy. The unavailable ones, the ones who are still ‘finding themselves’ and the lets be friends’ type of guys.

Whatever happened to men making all the right moves to get the girl, moving in together and living happily ever after? I miss those days when people went out on dates to find marriage partners. Maybe we should bring that back. Honestly, I wish my dating life was much better than this.

There goes three things I wish I could do well.

3 Things I’d Do Without Pay

I’d catch a grenade for ya
Throw my head on a blade for ya
I’d jump in front of a train for ya

Well, there go three things I’d never do even if you paid me in Ghanaian cedes.

I’ve always wanted to feel West African currency notes in my hands. I once read that touching money calmes the nerves. Something tells me I’d find Ghanaian cedes very relaxing. Save your all girls spa day, just send me few notes, am good.

Anyway, here are three things am ready to do for free. Save your coins.


I love food, and food related activities. In fact I only go to places I know there’ll be food. So in this case if it involves food am in. Like the last time researchers wanted people to volunteer to eat an avocado a day. Too bad I was in Africa because I would’ve been among the first people to sign up. Imagine the possibilities of having an avocado a day. Just thinking about it makes me tingle.

Next time, please have this kind of research in Africa. Thank you.


I’m an aunty to three amazing kids. I love them like they were mine. I love babysitting and this is something I’d do for anyone without charge. Even though they’re just children there’s so much we can learn from them. As adults think we know everything until a child says or does something that’s out of this world. I learn from them as much as they learn from me.

Cleaning up the Environment

Sometimes I volunteer to plant trees as re-afforestation effort in growing back our forests. One other thing I’d do for the environment without charge is cleaning it. I don’t mind picking up plastic waste on the beach or in the city. I look at it as my responsibility for the environment.

This planet has a growing plastic problem; cleaning it without pay is something I look forward to.

What would you do for free?

Idris Elba Marries Sabrina Dhowre in Morocco

He liked it, so he put a ring on it.

Idris Elba and his long time girlfriend, Sabrina Dhowre are officially married!

The lovely couple exchanged vows on April 26 at the Ksar Char Bagh hotel in Marrakech, according to Vogue.They first met in 2017. Elba was filming his movie ‘The Mountain Between Us’ in Canada. They later got engaged in February 10, 2018, at a screening of Elba’s directorial debut, Yardie, at the Rio Cinema in London.

Elba got on one knee and proposed. The same guy who at some point said he’s never getting married. So its nice to see him marry the love of his life.We all thought we would marry him.

Elba wore a custom Ozwald Boateng suit while Dhowre wore a custom off shoulder, A-line gown by Vera Wang.

“The celebrations have been spread out over three days. Friends and family attended a “colours of the Souk” themed dinner the night before the wedding at the Amanjena. On April 27, they will attend an all-white party at the Mandarin Oriental, which will emulate the atmosphere of a festival,” Vogue reports.

The happy couple, at their wedding.

Photo Credit: @britishvogue |

We wish them many more fruitful and happy years together.

Nickelodeon’s Colorism Towards Black Girls

The erasure of black girls in Nickelodeon is disturbing to say the least.

In the wake of diversity, I once read an article on how Hollywood is erasing black women. How big film executives would go for mixed black women then calling it diversity. The kind of women that look black, but not ‘too black.’ Think, light skin and loose blonde curls. Like many people, I thought this was crazy because Black Panther was about to get released. Black Panther was one of those films with an all-black cast. Beautiful, strong and smart black women came in plenty.

Over the next few weeks after Black Panther, I started to see less and less of black women. Brown skin, dark skin black women were almost nowhere on TV.

Nickelodeon, a network my little niece enjoys was also guilty of this. At first, it didn’t disturb me. After three or four shows with no black girls around, I thought, who approved this to an African audience? Our children, well, majority of our children are not light skin, curly haired. They have beautiful shades of brown skin and hair in curls, kinks and coils.

It’s at this point; I looked back at all the Nickelodeon shows my niece has watched. It was clear, Nickelodeon has a colorism problem. Sick. The Nickelodeon of 2019 is way more different from the Nickelodeon of the 90s. The 90s had all kinds of black girl leads. They were funny and beautiful, something I easily related with. Nickelodeon today, is not my cup of tea. What happened Nick?

Now, before I begin, I’ll let you know that I have no problem with the actors mentioned below. Here are some of the shows with a clear colorism problem.

‘Knight Squad’ was named the first live action black princess on Nickelodeon. Great! There’s only one problem. Their ‘black’ princess looks something like this.

Even their animated series, ‘Princess Nela the Princess Knight’, has a black dad and a white mum. It’s funny how it was celebrated as a great step towards diversity in animations. What diversity?

Nela’s mum is white, why couldn’t she be black? Nickelodeon doesn’t think we deserve to be queens either.

‘Instant Mum’ is a story about a black family navigating life with their step mum. Played by Tia Mowry Hardrict, she’s biracial and so is her step daughter.

‘Cousins for life’ has an all-black cast, the dads are black, the boys are black. As expected, the girl is biracial. This show is a lot more disappointing because you know black people created it.

I also noticed supporting characters were racially ambiguous too.

Mae Valentine, Dawn’s best friend from ‘Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn’ is Latin and African American. I like Mae’s character. I don’t understand why they had to keep straightening her hair.

In ‘Game Shakers’ Triple G’s mum, is played by Amanda Payton. If you guessed she’s biracial, you guessed correct. Although we’ve only seen her a few times, it doesn’t hide the fact that they couldn’t hire a black woman.

In ‘See Dad Run’ Emily Hobbs, the oldest Hobbs siblings has a best friend played by Jaylen Barron. She’s only been on the show a few times but we can see why. Big curly hair, light skin, how could you miss it.

Here’s something else that disturbs me about Nickelodeon’s casting. When you look at all the black boys and men, they’re all blackity black. Dark skin black men and boys are all over the place. When did Nickelodeon executives sit down in their round table and decide, hey, let’s have dark skin black boys/men but make the girls lighter. It’s almost like they’re telling little black girls everywhere, you can’t be a princess, a knight, a supporting character, unless you’re mixed with something.

I wonder how they conduct their auditions. Do they ever sit there and pretend to be interested when a dark skin girl auditions? Do they give them false hope? Like hey, you did great when in fact they’re just waiting for the light skin girls. Give them the roles and be on their way.

Even after all this mess, they did get one thing right. Charlotte in ‘henry Danger’ played by Riele Downs. Her character is smart, beautiful and has natural kinky hair. Love her. There was an episode where Ray, Captain Man, went back in time. However, an older Ray somehow managed to get into the portal. When he meets Charlotte he excitedly says, “President Charlotte” I swear that gave me all kinds of feels.

Riele Downs is black, the kind of black that’s so hard to find on Nickelodeon these days. Whew! chile!

Look, there’s nothing wrong with mixed/biracial kids but you have to admit, Nickelodeon has a colorism problem. This colorism only seems to affect black girls.

Am hopeful for Nickelodeon’s casting will change, eventually. Meanwhile, I explored other channels and my niece seems to love them. I have no plans in supporting a network that doesn’t value its viewers.

What’s your take on Nickelodeon’s colorism?