Why Yoga Is Beneficial To Women.

When was the last time you had a really good stretch? Ever wondered why it presents difficulty in making a slight 45 degrees stride in hoping a trench, racing up a short 100m run or hiking a mountain you’ve always wanted to explore?

In as much of a fact that women age faster than men, healthy living (physical fitness-exercise, healthy eating routines and meditation –mental clarity and stability) poses as catalysts in slowing down the aging process.


Women are considered to be one of the most delicate creatures. They tend to be strong as well coupled up with healthy living.

A number of factors that contributes to fast aging in women would be genetics. It roughly takes 40% in loss of skin elasticity, after giving birth effects due to constant pulling and stretching of muscles, long term sun exposure and an encroaching menopause stage.

Exercise is one of the best ingredients in easing off the aging process, allow me to tackle the health fitness bit in form of ‘yoga’.

I am positive most of you have heard the term ‘yoga’ or at least heard someone mention it, but what exactly is yoga?

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A brief history into understanding yoga is that, it originated from ancient India, a form of physical, mental and spiritual practice. It’s one of the most popular practices across the world where yogis swear by it to be of numerous benefits.

Research has it that yoga practices is beneficial to women especially during pregnancy. Doing yoga eases the birth process, easing menopausal symptoms, reduces labor pains and physical discomforts due to regular stretch of tissues and muscles, enhance posture and improves the overall quality of life.

Bearing in mind yoga practices is a combination of physical, mental and spiritual dose; obviously it nourishes the whole body, mind and soul, a perfect package and combo of a healthy body care routine.

Despite yoga practices exuding several benefits, yoga exercises vary depending on one’s body needs. Be it muscle toning, flexibility, mental clarity, overall blood circulation, beach body fitness, great body posture and appearance, and maintaining a balanced metabolism.

Still looking for reasons to try yoga? How about you unroll your mat and experience the never ending benefits of yoga.

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