Zaron Cosmetics Wants YOU To Model For Them

Do you have what it takes to model for Africa’s fast rising cosmetic company? Well then, here’s your chance.

Zaron Make Up and Cosmetics | Instagram

About Zaron

Zaron Cosmetics has become a leading make up brand for African women. With quality beauty products specially formulated for black skin of
all shades.

Barely five years into the industry, Zaron managed to create a product perfect for the tropical African climate. Say goodbye to runny make up!

Zaron prides itself as one of the few oil free make up brands. The products also have SPF as a bonus, because we deserve it. From eyeshadow to lippies to eyeliners, concealers and lip liners. Zaron has it all.

Zaron Cosmetics is fast growing across Africa, from Nigeria to kenya. Now you know why.

For a chance to become a Zaronista and feature alongside other celebrities on billboards, here’s what you need to do

zaron-cosmeticsZaron Cosmetics | Instagram

– Make sure you have a bomb selfie or a portrait photograph of yourself.

– Make sure it’s clear

– Be confident

– Bring your A game

Who can participate?

– Beautiful, confident, aspiring Kenyan women.

– Must be 18-30yrs old

– Must follow Zaron on ALL social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

– Resident in Kenya

How to participate…

zaron-cosmeticsZaron Cosmetics | Instagram


– Follow Zaron Cosmetics on all social media platforms.

– Post a photo of yourself on Instagram with the hashtag #ZaronKenyaModel2019

– Get as many people as possible to like and comment under your photo post.


– 10 participants with the highest likes will be shortlisted and featured under Zaron’s social media platforms.

– 2 winners will be chosen randomly from the 10 finalists ( CEO’s choice is final)


– The 2 winners will take part in Zaron Kenya AD campaign next to the  celebrity face of Zaron

– The winners will receive cash prizes and Zaron products

Entries close at noon on Saturday, 3rd August 2019


Avoid filters. Keep your photograph as clean as possible.

Keep your make up at a minimal. A little goes a long way.

Use natural light to your advantage.

Follow all the rules and have fun. All the best!

My African Travel Bucket List

Although Kenyan, I have a list of African countries am itching to explore. Ask a Kenyan which country they would love to go to if money was not an issue, African countries rarely makes it to their list. They’ll most likely mention the usual culprits, The UK, The US, China, Germany and the United Arab Emirates with Dubai being the first stop.

Africa is so diverse why wouldn’t anyone explore this majestic continent?

I was writing down my travel bucket list late last year and settled on continental countries first before taking a trip around the world.
First up!


What got me attracted to South Africa? The music, hands down. I love South African music. There’s something about their music that gets you up when you’re feeling down. They blend traditional and modern African beats into what we know as South African music.

Besides their dynamic music, it snows in South Africa. You know, South African tribes inspired the colorful blankets we saw in Black Panther. These blankets are complimentary in community hotels so I’ll be sure to stay in one. I like free things, don’t judge me.

The one place you can experience winter wonderland without leaving the continent. I know sometimes it snows up north but S.A is the place to go. Snow angels anyone?


This country is right next door to Kenya. A road trip across the country with friends and family sounds exciting, where do I sign up?

Ethiopia also boasts of being the only African country after Liberia that was not colonized by Europe. Meaning everything is authentically African, in Ethiopian standards of course.

ethiopian-coffee-ceremonyCoffe Certainly • Pinterest

Their coffee is a plus. Ethiopians love their coffee so much there’s a whole ceremony behind it. The way they prepare it, the way they serve it, the way they have it, one word, culture. The coffee ceremony symbolises friendship.

If you want the best, most delicious, well served coffee, fly to Ethiopia, thank me later.

So besides the coffee, which I’m sure you’ll absolutely fall in love with, is the alien like landscape. So if you want to feel like you’re on another planet, add Ethiopia to your list.


Zanzibar is a small island in the Indian Ocean on the East of Tanzania. This island made part of a larger Tanzania back when it was known as Tanganyika. I guess you could say they broke up. While Mombasa is a tourist favourite for most, Zanzibar doesn’t fall far behind. These two islands are quite similar but what separate them are the all-natural organic spices Zanzibar is famous for.


Zanzibar is also home to the kanga. East Africans wouldn’t be wearing kanga today if it wasn’t for their women.

Little known islands surround Zanzibar so it’s always good to explore. Thinking of going to the beach to soak up some sun, better make Zanzibar your destination.


If you’ve seen Penguins of Madagascar I have some bad news. Penguins don’t exist in Madagascar, you will however, be blown away by the species that have made their home here. After branching out from Africa, Madagascar evolved differently. In turn, the island became known to shelter world’s most unique flora and fauna.


The animals and plants are unlike the rest of Africa. Madagascar also boasts of being home to all six species of the majestic baobab tree. Like I said, Madagascar is unique in her own way.


Home of the Kente and Swiss chocolate. Yes, Swiss chocolate is actually from Ghana. This country maintains her royal families too. They may not be as influential as they were back then; they still however, have a large following.

Ghanian-queensFitness Goddess • Instagram

In fact the government recognizes Ghanaian Kings and Queens. They get to hold public ceremonies and festivals am looking forward to. To celebrate a people, their culture and their rich history and maybe hopefully get married to one of their young prince, just saying. It could happen, you never know.


The pyramids, why else would anyone go to Egypt if not for the pyramids. For me, it’s the sphinx first before the pyramids. Did you know the sphinx is a woman in a cat’s body? Egyptians were obsessed with cats. The fact that they made one with a woman’s head is fascinating to say the least.

The sphinx in EgyptAncient Egypt Official • Instagram

The pyramids are beautiful and hold secrets to an amazing civilization. The sphinx on the other hand is my number one reason to visit Egypt.

There you go my continental travel bucket list.

Which African countries do you plan to visit in the near future? Let me know in the comments section.

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