Commonly Asked Questions About Startups

In startups, there are three categories of people; those who invest due to lack of alternatives, those who need an extra source of income for financial security, and those who are passionate about a specific sector.

There are a growing number of people turning to small scale business. For reasons such as monotony in jobs, high demands from the managers, retrenchment, toxic working environment, and minimal income, just to mention a few.

business plan for startups

Admittedly, while some plan early, others face the responsibility of making quick decisions on how to earn. This leads to a series of questions making it hard to move forward.

When it comes to capital, bookkeeping is essential.

1. What do I need to know before starting a business?

a. Your business is your responsibility. From acquiring customers to retaining.

b. What are some of the regulations when investing in the selected business? Think and inquire about business and health permits, taxation regulations, and other requirements.

c. Entrepreneurs solve existing or future problems. Sometimes the target customers may have a problem. If the product or service solves the problem, the period between introduction to the market and acceptance decreases.

d. Your target customers and their demographic.

African American women in business

e. Your business accessibility to your customers. They need to easily reach you.

f. Entrepreneurs also need a working ethic. You may specify that you will not give items on credit and if you must, how will you ensure the debtors pay on time?

g. Your friends may not be your customers. This is not a direct indication of poor products or services, but their preferences and relationship with the current suppliers.

h. Check on your competition and what they’re up to.

i. What is your marketing strategy?

j. Which are the possible risks and how will you avoid them?

k. How will you venture into the opportunities that emerge?

2. Which is the most profitable business?

All business can be profitable or experience losses.

For a business to be profitable, soft and hard skills must be on the table and in abundance. They include current demands amongst the target population, marketing strategy, location, passion, commitment, patience, accountability, and flexibility.

African American women in business

Depending with the demands of the product or service, needs of the target population, their economic standards, the problem you are trying to solve and its believability, the startup can bring thousands after a few weeks.

Study the market adequately and decide on how you’ll cope with the competition.

3. How much capital do I need?

There is no standard value or range. Some start with an idea, which they sell to established firms (wholly, partially, or form partnerships), or to individuals. Some entrepreneurs who had an interest in selling clothes confessed starting with two or one piece, saved the profits, and climbed the ladder. You may not have the idea to sell or get the candidate for it, but a sense of direction saves the day. That is, taking other jobs and saving for that one dream.

4. Is entrepreneurship better than employment?

The answer depends with what you want. Each has pros and cons hence should not demonize what does not favour you.

African American women in business

5. Which is the most effective marketing strategy?

Do not rely on one marketing strategy because even the most recommended can fail if not maximally utilized.

Also, choose the most appropriate for the business. For example, television ads increase the audience reach, and preferred by many companies. Surprisingly, Lamborghini does not invest in the ads because they believe their customers rarely watch TV or play video games.

6. How long does it take for businesses to thrive?

There is no standard time since we interpret thriving differently. To some, it is the monetary gain and to others it is about how many people know about the product or service even before viewers and admirers become paying customers.

Nonetheless, the quality, economic capability of the customers, environmental stability, pricing, customer service, user-friendliness, availability, and marketing strategy have a huge impact on the period between launching and getting the anticipated amount of attention or money.

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7 Powerful Words To Help You Through Life

Personal development books or articles, mention the essence of a positive attitude. Whether using the exact words or paraphrased, it is hard to miss hints about positivity.

Keep a positive attitude.

Mindset is everything.

If you wish it, you can get it.

Know that everything takes time to deliver the results you desire.

If you can’t climb a mountain today, climb a hill.

Yes, you can!

Positive attitude is the chief ingredient for success. Coupled with working smartly, consistently, and truthfully. Even though looking for the best in everything when something is skidding to the wrong lane is hard, friend(s) or your virtual self may decide to chip in to bring out the vibrant and ambitious version of their friends.


Having friends working in different professional spheres (IT departments, food outlets, communication, clothing stores, and agriculture) has taught me there is enough for everyone. We need each other.

One sunny afternoon, Sam and I were complaining about the minimal or no income we were making. After an hour of whining, I suggested extensive analysis of our activities, and attending leadership and networking forums as often as possible.

That said and halfheartedly agreed to, I wrote one of my favourite quotes on sticker notes and gave it to him.

I have not failed. I just found 10000 ways that did not work.

– Thomas Edison

We extensively analyzed each other’s situation, to see what to change, add, or eliminate. After parting, instead of the cliché “I wish you the best”, I messaged, “I wish you what you wish yourself” and he was more than thrilled.

From that day onwards, whenever he says he is pitching a new client or sending a job application, I always wish him what he wishes himself, and vice versa.

Sam: Ever since you sent the message, I no longer label myself a loser or incapable. It’s a challenge! Sometimes when I’m alone, I imagine my virtual-self uttering the words and immediately get rid of negative thoughts.

Thus, if searching for a job, pitching new clients, seeking challenging opportunities that allow you to grow, or any other, I wish you what you wish yourself.

Commonly Asked Questions About Serious Relationships

We are different. And the differences, no matter how insignificant they may seem, have an impact on the choices we make every day. That is, what we choose to work on and ignore, when we choose, the selection criteria, and the behaviour thereafter. Relationships are similar. They say opposites attract so here are a few questions you should consider.


1. Who is an ideal partner?

An ideal partner is not the wealthiest or the poorest person you’ll meet. An ideal partner is not the most beautiful or the ugliest person in the room. An ideal partner is not the most or least fashionable person. An ideal partner is not the one who posts you in every social media platform proclaiming love. Pays for all your vacations, or wipes particles of dust before they reach your cloth.

An ideal partner is the one who accepts you wholly, grows with you, for you, and for themselves. An ideal partner doesn’t make you feel insecure or irrelevant. He/she allows you to grow in all aspects of life. An ideal partner is the one you feel most comfortable with when the world is silent, when no one cares about the internet, vacations, or the outside world. An ideal partner is not like your best friend’s partner. An ideal partner is your heart’s choice and peace. An ideal partner is your destination and the most interesting adventure.

With an ideal partner, there is comfort and happiness.

2. How do you know that the person is the ONE?

Your heart and guts will tell you. Although at times we choose people who later choose others, a time comes and there is no doubt that whoever you are with is the one.

3. When do you know the person is the ONE?

There is no standard time for it. Sometimes it takes years of self-awareness and learning about and from each other to get the conviction. Other times, eyes meet and all the cards fall into place.

Then again, dating someone for years does not guarantee marriage thereafter. Some misunderstandings can create irreconcilable differences. With some, it’s the kiss, the right word at the right time, their reaction towards some situations, or how the personalities match.

4. When is the right time to marry?

Whenever you feel it’s the right time. It’s not after acquiring a certain amount of money, age, degrees, years of experience, wealth, or after mom’s pressure for grandkids. Although the mentioned factors need consideration, you might lose trying to have what others have. Don’t do it if you aren’t ready.

5. What is the pillar of relationships?

There are multiple pillars for a lasting relationship and effective communication takes the lead.

P.s Nobody can read your mind so speak up.

By communicating, you know what your partner wants, when, how they want it, number of times, what they detest, why, and can eventually agree how to live harmoniously.

No matter how uncomfortable the conversation may seem to be, talk about it as openly and exhaustively as possible. Talk about the goals, success, failures, sex life, finances, and what you expect from each other.

6. What should you avoid in a relationship?

Lying and withholding information from your partner. Nobody can choose lies over brutal honesty. If something makes you uncomfortable, bring it the table and dissect to the last bit. Although there may be instances when your partner thinks you are rude or insensitive, this should not lead you to lying. They may not say a word for days or weeks. At least you’ll have a clear conscience knowing you helped them realize how they are leading their lives and how they can attain their highest and most admirable selves.

Remember you are not irreplaceable hence; do not make your partner feel unworthy of love or unappreciated. Even though you are unique and nobody can offer what you offer in your way. Even after grand weddings, they can easily get the love they deserve elsewhere.

7. What should you definitely do in a relationship?

If you’ve decided to be in each other’s lives, know that it is no one’s responsibility to text first, call first, buy gifts, or plan surprises. As soon as you embrace that it’s every person’s obligation to create a home, everything flows smoothly.

Remember, sometimes the warrior needs to be fought for and the minute he/she realizes the unreciprocated efforts, he/ she stops trying and the couple successfully grows apart.

8. Will money have an impact on the relationship?

Money has a huge impact in the relationship (this is not code that you should marry the poorest, laziest, or richest person you can find). From the method of acquiring (inherited, lottery, earned) to spending, the couple can either break up or grow together.

Set goals, define the responsibilities, and develop a code of methods of acquiring and spending.

Few people are likely to settle with partners who engage in illegal businesses or squander the money and have no interest of mending their behaviour despite constant reminders.

Also, if only one is catering for the bills, without any form of support, they can easily opt for a break. Those who don’t spare time for their loved ones can also find themselves in a black hole of regret and nursing heartbreak.

Money can’t buy happiness in entirety. You can buy your dream car but the money cannot fill the human desire for concern and support. You can lie in bed ill, with billions in your bank account, but if no one cares to know whether your drugs are available or have taken the recommended meals, the wave of emptiness can easily engulf, and depression kick in.

With that in mind, don’t push your boyfriend or girlfriend away after attaining a specific amount of money thinking they have nothing to offer.

Money gives power. Nonetheless, your non-working or low-earning partner is not worthless. The ‘trivial’ deeds of preparing breakfast, taking care of the kids and the home are important.
Money has an impact in every stage of a relationship.

9. Whom should I approach first when tragedy strikes?

Your partner.

He or she may not know there is a pending matter in the relationship and the most unpleasant news is hearing about it from a friend, accidentally or willingly. Some people see this as not caring about the relationships but sometimes, the partner could have underestimated the impact of the pending matter on the relationship or looked at it from a different angle. Whatever it is, communicate fully and seek solutions together.

10. What is a perfect relationship?

If you mean where there are no mistakes or arguments, you won’t find any. People interpret “Perfect” in whichever way they want. Nobody is perfect. You may find that your significant other, the person who eliminates all your doubts and fears, throws dirty socks everywhere or likes too much sugar in their tea. Even those who look like they have it all together fight and make up all the time.

Are you now ready for a serious relationship?

7 Relationship Breakers You Might Be Guilty Of

Let’s face it, everybody has a limit. Even the most accommodating person, if overburdened or disrespected, will eventually lift a palm, turn the head to the opposite side and say enough is enough. Time comes and people run out of second chances.

To avoid the agony of regret, read the following deal breakers and act responsibly.

1. Comparing your partner to others

The only time people appreciate comparison and being ranked at the top is during job considerations and beauty contests. Nonetheless, you should’nt make it a habit to compare your journey with others, this can lead to low self esteem.

Your partner may not have much money or status quo as you would like, but they are still important. When the spirit of comparison seeps and settles in one person’s mind, he or she may notice only the flaws and minimal contributions of the partner.

2. Being an unsupportive partner

You may have heard of couples in different careers, different ambitions, and philosophies. Supporting your partner while he or she is trying to actualize the dreams strengthens the bond.

To a doctor, being a spiritual healer may look lame and a total waste of time, but if that is what your partner wants, if that is where all the senses and attention are, be supportive.

Support is diverse; monetary, emotional, intellectual, giving them time to think things through, updating about social programs in the same field or escorting them.

3. Being a burden to your partner

Second chances are limited. When one person realizes that he or she is being taken advantage of, the relationship takes the first step downhill.

4. Sharing intimate details with people

As you interact with friends and talk about relationships, choose your words carefully. If you can’t, change the topic or avoid the meetings entirely.

Details from finances, career progress to sexual relations, should not go beyond the bedroom door because they can damage your partner’s reputation.

5. Poor or lack of communication

Open communication is the main pillar of a relationship. Also, poor communication is the relationship killer. Your partner cannot and will never be able to read your mind and the earlier you accept it, the better. Frowning or hiding behind closed doors won’t help either.

If something makes you uncomfortable, share it with your partner. They may not realize it’s affecting you. With bills pilling and dreams calling to be actualized, guessing time and again what could be bothering the other person is the last thing in mind.

6. Mismanagement of resources

The future is bright for those who are making their days count and use the resources wisely. No one will be willing to spend his or her day, let alone a lifetime with a spendthrift. If this is your greatest weakness, let your partner know. Find a solution early into the relationship.

7. Being disrespectful

Know what irks your partner and avoid it. In a relationship, you ought to consider the impact of an action on your partner, and the relationship generally. No matter how trivial the matter seems, the guiding principle matters.

If you want to make your relationship work, avoid these relationship breakers like the plague.

10 Reasons Why You’re Still Single And Unhappy

One of the most popular love phrases is, “wait for someone who will love you as you are.” While there’s nothing wrong with it, there’s need for clarification for those who take the superficial meaning.

You and I are looking for someone who will love us unconditionally. Someone who will not plaster the past to our faces every time we err, or force us to do things that are harmful, demeaning, and against our principles.

But before you step into the world with the intention of seeking the right partner, for short-term or long-term goals, are YOU the right partner?
You may be beautiful, handsome, financially stable, loyal, the kind of qualities craved for in romantic partners, but you may remain single and unhappy if:

· You have a nasty attitude that you aren’t willing to change.

· You squander money by drawing inspiration from you only live once, or the misinterpreted scriptures on not worrying about tomorrow.

· You are constantly engaging in harmful behaviour. In spite of the warnings or suggestions you still don’t change

· You have poor choice of words that you aren’t willing to work on.

· You constantly vanish leaving the people who care struck by panic and worry.

· You have toxic behaviours.

· You are careless and do nothing about it.

· Your commitment to relationships is wanting. You don’t take time to nurture relationships.

· You are disrespectful because of social classes, race, origin, religion, customs, etc.

· You demean others and condone inequality and discrimination.

Now you know 😊

Entrepreneurship vs Employment: Which One Suits You Best?

Some people have adopted a toxic habit of demonizing what they have not possessed.

After frustrations, they’ve allowed negative energy to settle in their bones and brain and come out as insults and ridicule. Some have taken to nicknaming many, if not all, successful people as corrupt and drug smugglers or female leaders as prostitutes. Sadly, some don’t seem to tire and have extended the habit to the dilemma between seeking jobs and starting small businesses.

In Kenya, there are thousands of unemployed youths and graduating from reputable universities and with good GPAs have not put them at the frontline of getting the jobs they desire, or even at entry level to work their way up.

The dilemma of starting a small-scale business and seeking a job is not new.

There is no concrete answer as it depends with what you want. Each has pros and cons hence should not demonize what does not favour you.

Success depends on environmental and personal factors. For example, in sectors where positivity and collaboration are necessities, fulltime pessimists are rarely retained. Disappointedly, some campaign against formal employment never mention they were the problem. Let’s face it, not all jobs are about bosses raining insults, setting impossible demands, working in poorly-ventilated offices, or living in the office and visiting home for a few hours.

It takes a hefty amount to run a successful business, but the challenges are not conclusive that the business cannot thrive.

Advantages of self-employment

• You are your own boss
• Paves the way for growth by getting out of the comfort zone.
• Freedom to do what you want or love, in your means and time.
• Nurturing leadership skills
• Flexibility of the income
• Personal relationship with the customers
• Opportunity to test different projects
• Sharpening decision-making skills
• Learning to be a self-starter because the income depends with the efforts put
• Availability of personal time
• No limitations to what you can do
• You choose your customers
• You become visible unlike in some organizations where your efforts can go unappreciated or unnoticed

Disadvantages of self-employment

• Minimal understanding of the challenges
• Inability to forecast due to financial constraints to upgrade or high experts
• Multitasking
• Unsteady pay
• Risk of personal relationships paving the way for accumulation of loans.
• Lack of external input. An extra opinion is always important and doing everything on your own can make the business dull but getting another person’s opinion even if you won’t use it reminds you to look outside the box.
• One can develop time insensitivity. Time is money and because some open and close whenever they want, it might be a challenge living in an area where things are done within a specific timeframe.
• Lack of social life- it’s always important to have someone, not necessarily a circle of friends, but a few people so you can see, learn and appreciate their points of view and improve interactivity skills.
• Sometimes shifting to formal employment is a challenge- one, maybe because the entrepreneur has adopted the habit of dragging self and working on inventories whenever he or she deems best. Sometimes a substantial amount of pressure is important to send one off the comfort zone and explore saves time and helps identify opportunities/ upcoming tragedies at an early stage
• The business may not offer the best learning experience- let’s admit that there is more to growth than money. We also need intellectual growth that is present in the corporate sector.
• Risk of developing polarized perceptions. That is, thinking that what you do or say is right and anything else is wrong. Developing and nurturing a polarized mindset makes it hard to interact and have deep conversations with others.

Advantages of salaried employment

• Learning how to interact with colleagues and those in high management skills
• Guarantee of monthly payment
• Exposure to challenges and growth opportunities
• Great flexibility
• Holiday and leave payments
• A fixed schedule
• Job advancement

Disadvantages of salaried employment

• Monotony
• Lack of personal time
• Can become invisible in large organizations
• May never step of the comfort zone
• Difficulties hunting for a job if fired

Weigh the options and choose what favours you the most

Twists To This Question Have No Answer

Wondering if there’s anything geniuses don’t know?

Read on.

Undoubtedly, curiosity mothers development, whether personal or professional. The emergence of wanting-to-know is what leads people to step out of their comfort zone and go the extra mile to quench the thirst. We attribute crossing dangerous waters, reaching the loftiest heights and mind-blowing discoveries to curiosity, following the inner voice patiently and wholeheartedly.

However, smart work, patience, persistence, and constant refining of the principles and the working strategies, do not guarantee no attainment of the goals and at the anticipated time.

What happens after meticulously uniting beads to the thread is entirely out of our control.

Success rises from internal and external factors- some of which we can control, and others can’t. That is, reading about running a business is one piece of thread in a fringe, since you also need to act on it. And, not just reading from books, but also from the surroundings. After reacting and acting in the best manner possible, we have to wait.

Not to be a naysayer but, there comes a time when you hit a bump when following the trail of quenching drops- and some have a story of how they have hopped from one tragedy to another. Whether you totally didn’t see it coming (which most of the times we don’t), or you underestimated the impact. The minor setback should not make me recoil or decide to never try.
It’s too early to sign up for regret. And the deeper the love for comfort in the comfort zone, the wider the gap, and the fiercer the enmity between you and success.

A decline in sales, assistants quitting without prior notice, irreconcilable differences affecting the performance, being dumped shortly after losing your job, meeting a dark corner right after using all your energy passing through another, or getting a pebble in the foot with your hands tied to the back, are common encounters that manifest in different ways. But, you can reset the compass. The way out of the hell is through.

The future of the business or hustle, or how you choose to call it depends on how you respond to the moments of crisis.

As humans (I don’t know about other animals), the first thing we do after hitting a bump is ask, why me. Sadly, no one knows the answer to this question, which reminds us of the powerlessness of man. Fortunately, we can’t queue to punish the cause of the mishaps. From prophets to scientists, why some things happen to some people remains a mystery.

Assuming two women are healthy and have not participated in self-harming habits, nobody knows why one woman would conceive effortlessly while the other struggles for decades.

Assuming two graduates have the same set of skills, nobody knows why one secures a job in multinational companies quickly while the other struggles for years only to get acceptance for peanut of a salary.

Even though some attribute to generational curses or past mistakes hence karma, the person at the advising end picks the most convincing explanation.

While there is no harm in thinking about the setbacks, how long one dwells on it has a direct impact on the future. Challenges are part of life for they unleash the shine, the glow, the fierce, and the unstoppable, from the marrow to the world. Challenges do not define us. We are defined by how we respond, what we respond to, when and why.

In the past, I have found that, the more time I spent agonizing over the heaps of mountains over my head, for things I couldn’t understand or link to my past mistakes, the more unworthy I felt. We may not have similar reactions, but a lot of why me, paves the way for self-pity, feeling worthless, powerless, or not being in the league of successful people.

There is pain behind the question and too much personalization of the tragedy- thinking that you are the only one going through tough times and should maybe quit doing what you are doing. There is no shame in feeling vulnerable, but thinking you are meant to be vulnerable to attacks, day in and day out, well, that’s a shame!

What should you do after the chain of mishaps?

Extensive auditing of self and the situation. This helps understand the nature of the situation. What you should do, why, when, how, with whom, and how often. For what you can rectify, rectify!

For what you can’t attribute to your missed steps after extensive assessment,

• Accept that you won’t find a solid answer, and think about the next tactic.

• Accept man’s powerlessness despite being the most intelligent creature, this is a fact we often forget, and think about the next tactic. No one has an answer to it.

• Change the mindset. If your inner child is directing you to the particular hustle; be ready to pay the price. The mindset is the pillar of our dedication. Nobody said it would be easy, but nobody said it is meant to be unachievable either.

• Identify the most promising tactic, and use it maximally.

Don’t spend your last drop of blood destroying the foundation of what you have already started