7 Relationship Breakers You Might Be Guilty Of

7 Relationship Breakers You Might Be Guilty Of

Let’s face it, everybody has a limit. Even the most accommodating person, if overburdened or disrespected, will eventually lift a palm, turn the head to the opposite side and say enough is enough. Time comes and people run out of second chances.

To avoid the agony of regret, read the following deal breakers and act responsibly.

1. Comparing your partner to others

The only time people appreciate comparison and being ranked at the top is during job considerations and beauty contests. Nonetheless, you should’nt make it a habit to compare your journey with others, this can lead to low self esteem.

Your partner may not have much money or status quo as you would like, but they are still important. When the spirit of comparison seeps and settles in one person’s mind, he or she may notice only the flaws and minimal contributions of the partner.

2. Being an unsupportive partner

You may have heard of couples in different careers, different ambitions, and philosophies. Supporting your partner while he or she is trying to actualize the dreams strengthens the bond.

To a doctor, being a spiritual healer may look lame and a total waste of time, but if that is what your partner wants, if that is where all the senses and attention are, be supportive.

Support is diverse; monetary, emotional, intellectual, giving them time to think things through, updating about social programs in the same field or escorting them.

3. Being a burden to your partner

Second chances are limited. When one person realizes that he or she is being taken advantage of, the relationship takes the first step downhill.

4. Sharing intimate details with people

As you interact with friends and talk about relationships, choose your words carefully. If you can’t, change the topic or avoid the meetings entirely.

Details from finances, career progress to sexual relations, should not go beyond the bedroom door because they can damage your partner’s reputation.

5. Poor or lack of communication

Open communication is the main pillar of a relationship. Also, poor communication is the relationship killer. Your partner cannot and will never be able to read your mind and the earlier you accept it, the better. Frowning or hiding behind closed doors won’t help either.

If something makes you uncomfortable, share it with your partner. They may not realize it’s affecting you. With bills pilling and dreams calling to be actualized, guessing time and again what could be bothering the other person is the last thing in mind.

6. Mismanagement of resources

The future is bright for those who are making their days count and use the resources wisely. No one will be willing to spend his or her day, let alone a lifetime with a spendthrift. If this is your greatest weakness, let your partner know. Find a solution early into the relationship.

7. Being disrespectful

Know what irks your partner and avoid it. In a relationship, you ought to consider the impact of an action on your partner, and the relationship generally. No matter how trivial the matter seems, the guiding principle matters.

If you want to make your relationship work, avoid these relationship breakers like the plague.

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